Why AmberOBD?

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AmberOBD is the best value for money monitoring and vehicle analysis device in the world, and here is why.

  1. AmberOBD uses 4G technology. Countries like Australia and the USA will disconnect the 3G network in 2020 as they make 5G available. 3G devices will no longer work.
  2. AmberOBD has the ability to update data every 2 second to provide detailed analysis of your vehicle and driving behaviours.
  3. AmberOBD has more features than any other device in the market.
  4. AmberOBD works with any sim card.
  5. There are no installation costs, AmberOBD is a plug and play device. We eliminate hardwired installation that can cost more than the device. 
  6. AmberOBD can can be plugged in different vehicles, it is so easy to install and uninstall.
  7. AmberOBD has all features on mobile app. Our competition may not have an app or only provide limited features.
  8. AmberOBD provides 24/7 support in each country.
  9. AmberOBD can save you money on fuel and vehicle maintenance with good driving behaviours.