What happens if there is no cellular coverage while using AmberOBD?

A. The AmberOBD contains a GPS chip which tracks your routes regardless of cellular connection. Your trips cache locally on the adapter until there’s a network connection again. They will appear once the adapter is within cellular range. Cellular coverage is required for Dashboard information, Error code clearing, and real-time trip tracking.
If you drive out of cellular range, the cellular connection drops out while driving, or you park in an area without cell coverage (e.g. deep in an underground garage) your trip will not appear until your AmberOBD reconnects to the 4G network and all the data uploads. The app will show “Offline” which means the AmberOBD has lost connection with the cloud and the last thing our servers knew you were doing was driving. This means that the app would also show your car is still driving, even when it isn't. If you don't connect to the 4G network at all during a trip, you'll see an " Offline" message in the app and the trip will not show up when it ends. Once the car and adapter are within cellular range / the AmberOBD reconnects to 4G, the trip in question will upload with the correct time since the AmberOBD knows when the trip ended and an approximated end location taken from the last known GPS point.

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