What features are included in AmberOBD app and what do they do?

A. AmberOBD app includes:

  • Live GPS tracking position – know the exact location of your vehicle at all times. Updated every two seconds.
  • Driving Behaviours Reports – Be alerted to hard acceleration, hard breaking, sharp turn, quick lane change, fatigue driving, vehicle idling and Emergency Braking (possible crash)
  • Average Speeds – understand what speeds you are travelling during your trips and have this summarised in reports
  • Total Fuel Consumption – Save money on fuel bills with summary reports on each trip you take
  • Total Mileage – Understand how far you have travelled during your trips and receive detailed reports
  • Trip Report and Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report – look back on all your trips with maps and other important information on your journey
  • Live Vehicle Dashboard Readings – See live readings of the dashboard including speed, RPM, air flow, voltage and more. Updated every two seconds.
  • Vehicle health detection – ensure your vehicle is healthy with a system scan
  • Vehicle Error Code or Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) – check all codes of your vehicle and ensure there are no problems
  • Alarm Alert – whenever there is an issue with the way you drive or errors with the vehicle you are alerted immediately to the problem including driver behaviour, Car Fault and many more.
  • 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot – have the option to set your vehicle up as a Wi-Fi hotspot to get data on the go for up to 8 devices at a time.

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