What do the Alarms mean?

Vibration Alarm – This is the vibration felt by the vehicle. It can be as simple as the garage door going up or down. The level of vibration can be changed on the AmberOBD app
Plug Alarm – When the device is plugged or unplugged from the vehicle OBD (currently not available)
Tow Alarm – When the vehicle is towed away
Fatigue Driver Alarm – When the car is running for too long without a break. (currently set at 3 hours)
Low Battery Alarm – When your car battery is low
GPS Error Alarm – When your GPS is not working. The error is device and not the fault of the sim card or the network
Coolant too high Alarm – When your coolant temperature is potentially overheating. All vehicles are different and some vehicles run at a higher coolant temperature

what do the alarms mean