AmberOBD Selling Points

Unique Selling Points to AmberOBD 

  • The price of $249 is very competitive and at the lowest end of the fleet market. AmberOBD is by far the best value for money tracker when comparing all the inclusions.
  • 4G is new to the vehicle tracking market. Most fleet companies use 3G technology. 3G will disconnect in the near future so now is a great time to either upgrade or connect to AmberOBD.
  • 4G technology allows for high speed data so AmberOBD can provide location updates every 2 seconds. Our competition with 3G varies between 10, 30 and 60 second updates for less accurate tracking history.
  • AmberOBD is the only device providing 4G wi-fi hotspot for customers. Great opportunity for team members to share company data with Optus business plans.
  • Our app is the most advanced in the market. It mirrors the desktop version with all features. It allows management who are on the go to be able to stay updated with their team when they are not in the office.
  • Driving Behaviours and Alarms are shown instantly on the mobile phone app
  • There is no device in the marketing that combines all the features of AmberOBD into 1 product.


 Other Key Selling Points 

  • We are an Australian company with local support services
  • AmberOBD connects easily into most vehicles that were manufactured after 2006 in Australia. Eliminates installation costs and easy to transfer from one vehicle to the next.
  • Unlimited number of vehicles can be loaded onto the AmberOBD platform
  • 24/7 Support and dedicated account manager
  • AmberOBD will always record data even if the device is out of network range. It will update as soon as there is network coverage.
  • AmberOBD has the tools to help companies save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance by teaching drivers better driving habits and to ensure the vehicle is always well maintained
  • A great range of reports and graphs provides easy analysis of individual and team driver behaviour
  • AmberOBd has a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty