AmberOBD Installation & Trouble Shooting

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Installation Steps

  1. Download the AmberOBD app on your mobile phone at Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Login to the app with USERNAME and PASSWORD. This would have been emailed to you. If you don’t have this, please contact us at
  3. Select the OBD account on the AmberOBD app.

    AmberOBD How to login
  4. Next go to your vehicle. Ensure your vehicle is not in the garage or in an undercover car park where there may be a limited network signal. Have the vehicle in an open area to ensure first up connection.
  5. If you have purchased an AmberOBD sim plan, then your sim card is ready to go and you can go. If not, then you should have your own micro sized sim card which has credit and is ready to use. 
  6. Open the AmberOBD sim card slot. This is a rubber flap. (image 1)

    AmberOBD installation 1

  7. Place the micro sim card in the slot as shown exactly in the diagram. Ensure you push the sim card in the slot so it is locked in, then close the sim card cover. (image 2)

    AmberOBD installation 2

  8. With the car turned OFF plug the AmberOBD into the vehicles OBD. The diagrams show the possible locations under the steering wheel where the OBD might be located and what the OBD looks like. Every vehicle is different and you can search on the internet for the location of your vehicle’s OBD. (image 3 & 4)

    AmberOBD installation 3 AmberOBD installation 4

  9. Turn on your vehicle engine and give the AmberOBD a couple of minutes while the vehicle is running to find the vehicle data and GPS location.
  10. The AmberOBD light indicators will help to let you know if the device is connected. Depending on where the vehicle OBD is located will depend on how easy it is to see the AmberOBD light indicators. If you can see the light indicators on the AmberOBD, a BLUE continuous light means the ignition is on. A RED continuous light means the AmberOBD has connected to your vehicle. A GREEN continuous light means you have sim data connection to the AmberOBD app. If these lights are flashing it means they are not connected or are trying to connect.

To confirm everything is connected you can also go to the AmberOBD app. You will see your location on the main interface. If you go for a drive you should see live data on the dashboard, updating every 2 seconds and once you finish a trip you will see the details of the trip.

Please remember an individual trip will only register when the vehicle engine has turned on, the vehicle has moved and then the engine has turned off.

If the vehicle data and GPS are both live on the app then you are ready to go. Also go to the “how to use app” link on the website to understand how to use the AmberOBD app.

Hint: After a few days of driving you will see more data in relation to fuel economy, average speed and daily trips.

Trouble Shooting

If your AmberOBD is not working here are a few suggestions.

  1. If you purchased your own sim card, please ensure it has charge on it and that it is an Australian micro sized sim card
  2. 2. Ensure that you have put the sim card in correctly and that it clicks into place
  3. Ensure that you have gently, but firmly connected the AmberOBD into the vehicles OBD
  4. Ensure that you have network connection on your mobile phone so you can get data from the AmberOBD to the app.

    If your AmberOBD is not working please email us at