How to turn on/off Wifi Hotspot settings?

  1. Turn on your vehicle and make sure AmberOBD in plugged in to the OBD port.
  2. From the AmberOBD app click on "Device Details" which is the first image shown below.
  3. Click "Wifi Settings"
  4. Click WiFi switch to "on"
  5. You are now ready to use the wi-fi hotspot for any mobile device.
  6. Click on phone "Settings" of a mobile device to access the wi-fi (images below are of an iphone example)
  7. Click "Wi-Fi" 
  8. Turn Wi-Fi "on"
  9. Find 4GOBD_Device and select
  10. The password is 1234567890
  11. Select "Join"
  12. You will now be connected to AmberOBD wi-fi on that device. Remember AmberOBD can take up to 8 devices at a time.

how to turn on wifi hotspot

hot to turn on wifi hotspot 

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