How does AmberOBD improve my fuel efficiency and save me money?

A. There’s a lot of research that shows aggressive driving (highway speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking) hurts fuel efficiency. 

Highway Speeding: While every car has a different optimal speed for fuel efficiency, petrol mileage usually decreases rapidly above 80km/h. 
Rapid Acceleration: Pressing really hard on the acceleration pedal from a stop uses much more petrol to reach the same speed than accelerating more slowly. On the highway, speeding up and slowing down frequently is less efficient than cruising at a steady speed.

Hard Braking: Though braking itself doesn’t waste petrol, braking hard is usually a sign that you were driving faster than you needed to be prior to stopping (e.g., speeding up to a stop light and slamming on the brakes). Try taking your foot off the pedal as soon as you see the light turn red and coasting to a stop.

The AmberOBD alert you to hard brakes, fast accelerations, and speeding. With this real-time feedback, we hope our users can make more informed decisions about their driving habits. Reducing these behaviours can have a real impact on how much you spend on petrol. 

Research has also shown that keeping your engine properly tuned can impact fuel efficiency. With the help of AmaberOBD’s “Error Code”, the app can inform you of potential emissions-related problems with your vehicle before you visit your mechanic. 

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