Driving Instructors

Give your students the edge in driver safety

Driving Instructors

Allow young drivers to automatically record their time, mileage, location, speed, fuel consumption and driving behaviours all on the AmberOBD mobile app. Help students save time on log books and learn about fuel consumption and safe driving behaviours.

Assist parents to monitor their teens when they are on their P plates with instant notification of bad driving behaviours including sudden acceleration, hard braking, speed monitoring and much more.

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Check out 12 of the best features of AmberOBD and understand why this product is the most advanced 4G tracking device. Click "Learn More" for additional details on each feature.

  1. Plug & Play. Learn More
  2. 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot. Learn More
  3. Driving Behaviours. Learn More
  4. Alarms. Learn More
  5. Instant Notification. Learn More
  6. GPS Location. Learn More
  7. Vehicle Error Codes. Learn More
  8. Vehicle System Detection. Learn More
  9. Perimeter Alerts. Learn More
  10. Vehicle Dashboard. Learn More
  11. Fuel Consumption. Learn More
  12. Summary Reports. Learn More

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