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AmberOBD Reseller
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The world’s most advanced OBD which includes vehicle tracking, driver behaviour, 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and much more.

Advantages of becoming a reseller

A unique product in the market with potential earnings from the device and data plans.

Protection of your sales
We encourage and support our resellers to finalise their sales and earn maximum profits

Fixed Price
We never undercut our resellers, our website pricing will never be discounted

Marketing Tools
We want to give our resellers the best opportunity to sell to their clients. We provide the best promotional advertising to suit the needs of our resellers. Your success is our success. Click here to see our reseller pack

Reseller Support
As a reseller, we want to assist you to be the best seller you can be and achieve your goals. Ongoing support and training is essential to ensure a win/win outcome.

Lets get started! Provide your details below and a brief message why you want to become an AmberOBD reseller.

To get started immediately and receive a sample you can go online and make a purchase of the AmberOBD. There is a 30-day money back guarantee.