AmberOBD provides a desktop version that mirrors the AmberOBD app. Just visit the link to load up the computer site.

Use your username and password to login

Amber360 has some great features to keep you informed of your fleet. Below gives you a better understanding of the main interface.

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Information, password change and logout
  3. Monitor. You get birds eye view of all your vehicles
  4. Reports. View Reports of your vehicle
  5. Manage Device (this is not relevant, your devices will never expire)
  6. OBD Systems. Some great graphs of your vehicles mileage and fuel economy
  7. The devices you currently have
  8. Searching for devices (when you have many)
  9. See live all your devices and if they are online or offline
  10. Current location of a device and play back history
  11. Magnify the map 


AmberOBD View

AmberOBD View2


Amber360 provides a great range of Reports from the previous day and earlier. This includes Mileage, Overspeed, Trip, Alarm, Travel, Driving Behaviour and Fuel Reports. You only need to put in the dates and the the device you would like a report on. All reports can be exported to excel.

Below is an example of a Trip Report. 

Amber360 Reports


Amber360 includes some great graphs of your Trips, Mileage and Fuel Economy. There is also a Vehicle Error Analysis Report to View.

Below is a Fuel Consumption Report.

Amber360 System

Amber360 has been designed to provide simple detailed information for your fleet on a computer platform. It works perfectly with the AmberOBD app so you never lose track of your team and your assets.