Activating Your Amaysim

Amaysim has a $10 per year plan, which is all AmberOBD needs to utilise all features on the app.

If you would like to utilise the Wi-Fi hotspot, you will require more data at a higher cost. We have some great Optus data plans if this is of interest to you so please contact us.

Below are the steps to use the $10 per year "Pay as you go" plan.

  1. Have your Amaysim pack ready (Delivered with your AmberOBD)
  2. Go to the website
  3. Click "Sim plans"
  4. Click "Activate your SIM"
  5. Enter the 13 digit number on the sim card and click "Get started"
  6. Select "Phone" plan. Do not select "Data only" plan
  7. Select "Pay as you go"
  8. Select "Get a new number"
  9. Enter your personal details and credit card
  10. Once you account is set up you can add $10 to the sim card and you will be ready to insert your sim into the AmberOBD

Ensure you install the sim card correctly by following installation instructions