When will Australia disconnect the 3G network?

3G network

It is certainly an important question and one that will affect many Australian companies and their users. 2G is now long gone and it seems 3G will not be far behind. 4G and 5G are the future and with Australia’s relatively small population it makes sense for the big Telco’s to disconnect 3G.

Countries like India and China still have the 2G network and will continue to keep this running well into 2020 and beyond because there are still many users. Vodafone announced in Europe that they will keep 2G running until 2025 because there is still a lot of legacy connections.

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have not announced what the future is for 3G in Australia. On the 17th November 2016, then Telstra COO Brendon Riley expect after 2020 they would need to retire the 3G network.

For the vehicle tracking industry, the majority of companies utilise the 3G network for their customers because it is cheaper and devices are more readily available.

At AmberOBD we use the 4G network and will be looking to future 5G technology when this becomes available. The benefits of 4G are wide ranging and the speed of results is instantaneous compared to 3G.

Fleet tracking and personal tracking is big business and the change over from 3G to 4G can be extensive for any company with a large fleet of vehicles and personnel.

All businesses need to ask themselves the questions, do I use a 3G device that I know in the short term will be retired or do I look to the future and connect with 4G.