AmberOBD 4G Vehicle Tracker

The world's most advanced tracking and monitoring technology

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Fleet, Family, Teens & Small Business

AmberOBD is advanced 4G tracking technology with high speed mobile data that updates GPS position, vehicle data and driving behaviours every 2 seconds. 

Save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance with AmberOBD. Now is the perfect time to connect your car or work vehicles to the 4G network.

Vehicle Compatibility

AmberOBD is compatible with a huge range of makes and models.

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AmberOBD Features

This anti theft device has a host of features including GPS Location, vehicle analysis, driving behaviours and much more, all on your mobile phone app or desktop computer. Learn More

With AmberOBD you are never on your own when driving a vehicle.

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I got the AmberOBD for my teen now that he can drive my car on his own. The device really works, got an alarm telling me he put his foot down too hard. Now he knows that I know what he is doing. The wife loves it.

Simon B, Adelaide SA

Needed something simple and easy for my business to track my vehicles. Bought a few AmberOBD's outright so no ongoing monitoring and got an Amaysim. Works a treat, I can see everything on my app. Perfect for me.

Michael D, Melbourne VIC

My parents are getting a little older, wanted to track them and make sure their vehicle was always healthy. Came across the AmberOBD on the internet. Just what I wanted, everything works great and give me peace of mind.

Lisa R, Sydney NSW

My daughter is on her P plates, makes us a little nervous. We got the AmberOBD and we love the report summary of her trips, she is starting to understand how she can save money on petrol if she drives with good behaviours. It is a great little device and app.

Tony B, Adelaide SA

Bought the AmberOBD because I want to make sure everyone drives the car sensibly. I was actually the first person to generate a bad driving behaviour which I thought was funny, but everyone understands it now and I can see that we are saving money on petrol.

Eric L, Brisbane QLD

I don't normally do these testimonial things, but when I was asked, I had no hesitation. This device is honestly good and worth every cent.

D Sanders, Melbourne VIC

I live out of the city and Telstra works best out here. Bought an AmberOBD with the Unlock Sim. I am happy with the results. If I am out of range the data shows as soon as I get a network signal so I never miss anything.

T Evans, WA